Indiana Name & Gender Marker Change Support

Navigating a name and | or gender marker change is hard work. Here is what I have discovered that can help!

What you will need to begin the process: 

-A name you want to be called!

-The Indiana Legal Services Packet that is linked below that fits your needs – there are forms for people doing name and gender marker changes, just names, just gender, and those who are justice-involved and have a felony conviction- visit the site and get those amazing guides!

-ID, Birth Certificate, SS card, Passport (if you were issued one)

-If you can afford the filing fee, you will skip parts of this packet- if not, you will need to submit your waiver for assistance before filing your name | gender marker change paperwork (simple step for Marion County, you just head to the 5th floor to submit your petition for that fee waiver and then head back down to the Clerk on floor 1 where it says “marriage licenses”)

-If you want your records sealed, meaning that your name and dead name will not be published in the paper and will not be accessible to public search (this is my personal recommendation) then you will complete that section of the packet as well

-You are all set- file the papers on the 1st and maybe 5th floor in Marion County and then, WAIT….sometimes forever

After you get your court date

-Make three copies of your filled out paperwork

-Bring your vital documents with you or your hearing could be canceled

-Be on time and be prepared to WAIT….sometimes forever

During court

-YES! You can bring friends and family – or you can bring me! or someone from GenderNexus!

-NO! You cannot record it

-The judge is amazing and has been seeing these cases for years- You won’t be met with any conflict


-There a tons of steps, forms, and things that you will need to do that are outlined in the ILS packet but the most important is to CELEBRATE!

-And as always, meet me here for any and all end of life planning with that sweet new name or ID to die as well as you are living


Here is how to get to the ILS Packet page!


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