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How to die in Indiana as a Trans|GNC|Queer Person

Well well well…here we are. In Indiana, living as a queer or trans or gnc person or any marriage of those identities.

And while we already have LOTS to consider about how we want and can live here, we also have LOTS we have to consider about how we want to die here. If you find yourself planning to die anywhere in the US…let’s talk about what you have power over. Surprisingly enough, you have lots and lots of power.

Advance Directives will give you the death that affirms and upholds the life you had.

That means those parents or family members that “don’t get it” | “think it was just a phase” | “know the REAL you”…they have literally NO ground on which to celebrate your life, honor your death, arrange after-death burial services that you do not want.

How do we complete an Advanced Directive? Simple….write it out, use a free online legal form, download my “Make Death Great Again” workbook- and have two people OR a notary go to town signing those pages with you.

Your name, pronouns, caretakers, healthcare representatives, possessions, burial, life celebration…those are all yours to determine. And more commonly than not, the coroner, funeral director, and even priest wants to do right by you. If you leave your death up to people who don’t affirm your identity, those performing services for you may not have a choice.


Let’s die well. Let’s die as who we are today and will be tomorrow. Let’s be as radically authentic in death as we are in life.

From: NC State University


Here is the link for Indiana Legal Services “Name and Gender Marker Change forms” that you can create free online!

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