“Death is no barrier to guidance and love. And still. I love you in the place of surrender. I love you in the place we can’t describe. I love you in the place where machines break and ink fails and we have no choice but to trust our hearts.

— Alexis Pauline Gumbs Ink Fails: for Valerie J Boyd

Cradling The Cusp

We believe in good deaths

Tyne Marie

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Tyne is a trans nonbinary Hoosier native dedicated to elevating the needs and voices of under-resourced communities. Tyne studied End Of Life care at University of Vermont’s Larner School of Medicine. Tyne’s passions include facilitation, learning, and systems change that moves the world closer to collective liberation

As a person with a dedication to antiracism, anticarceral practice, abolition, and reparative justice services, Cradling The Cusp is a passion project

“Grief is gratitude. that water seeks scale, that even your tears seek the recognition of community. that the heart is a front line and the fight is to feel in a world of distraction. that death might be the only freedom. that your grief is a worthwhile use of your time. that your body will feel only as much as it is able to. that the ones you grieve may be grieving you. that the sacred comes from the limitations. that you are excellent at loving”

-adrienne maree brown Emergent Strategy

Services Offered

30 Minute Coffee & Cake Chat

The Dutch believe that grieving is communal and that before & after a death coffee and cake are a great way to spend intentional time with one another

Whether you are navigating a loss, preparing for yourself, caretaking for a dying person, or hoping to connect as a fellow death worker, this session is for you

30 Minute Coffee & Cake Chats are always free!

Legacy Interviews | Dignity Therapy | Storytelling

How do you want to be remembered? How can you tell the world about your remarkable & unique life?

Together we can work on leaving a lasting and tangible memoir (Historical Legacy Book | Dignity In Death Memoir | Playlist | Video/Audio Storytelling) for those that you love & those you have yet to meet

Fear | Anxiety | Grief Coaching

Together we can demystify death and work through the complicated, full range of emotions that come with loss. Grief is a companion we sometimes have yet to make friends with

Coaching for transitions can include those actively dying, people who have experienced a loss & need a place to organize their pain, caretakers for the dying, and fellow death workers

“I am because you were”

Death Nesting | Dying Preparation | Vigil Sitting

Death is an isolating force. When your experience of the world shrinks to fit into a home or room, its vital that we have tended a space that feels ready for us

Nesting and Preparation can mean physical space tending, caregiving respite visits, “Make Death Good Again” workbook for practical need assessments and checklists, and vigil sitting

When planning for death, we will focus on your values | needs | non-negotiables | and points of stress that need ‘tidied up’ to feel ready

Communal Care & Support

Death touches us all in profound ways. Death is a communal experience and a universal connector. In the same ways that we need to facilitate our own acceptance, those around us will require support

Whether you are a caregiver to a dying person, a family member | beloved, or hoping to gain support for someone during and after your own death, communal care is vital for finding meaning, purpose, and healing from the sacred act of accompanying someone through death

Body Preparation | Burial Support | Funeral Celebrant

How do you want your body cared for upon your death? Are there specific ways that you would like your beloveds to care for you? Almost everyone has an idea of what they want to happen after their death

Services that can be included in after death care are:

ceremonial body washing | assistance with coordination of arrangements for body preparation | funeral attendee | celebrant- providing prepared messaging from the dying as a component of a religious ceremony or in lieu of one

Abortion Doula Services

Most people do not plan on the event of needing access to an abortion and less people have natural supports to rely on during the experience of one. Regardless of the reason, all people should be able to obtain a safe, legal, and affirming abortion. You are valid in that need

Abortion doula support includes attendance of required appointments, education on processes and standards of care, transportation to procedure, and grief support before | during | after

Abortion Doula Services are free of charge

Abortion access is harm reduction, suicide prevention, mental health care, antiracist, not gendered, and is a basic human right

Facilitation | Consultation | DEIB

Cradling The Cusp is my lovechild born from my belief that we should celebrate that which connects us. The experience of death is universal and can be as rich as the life we have had

Cultivating A Belonging Culture is a way to teach the living, educational institutions, religious institutions, non-profits, and social service workers how to support and affirm under-resourced communities.

Through LGBTQ+ Inclusion | Antiracism 101 | Antiviolence through Nurturance | Harm Reduction & Lay Medic Training CABC seeks to dismantle systems of oppression that keep good death and equitable life from being accessible to BIPOC | Queer | Disabled | Justice Involved | HIV+ | and Undocumented community members

Pricing Information


Cradling The Cusp believes in a reparational model of pricing that seeks to redistribute services and access to oppressed communities. We believe that late-stage capitalism and the white-supremist-settler-colonial-cis hetero-patriarchy provide inequity of resources and as such, it is our responsibility to remain steadfast in reciprocity, redistribution, and mutual aid.

Much like the accompaniment toward death, Cradling The Cusp commits to the journey toward antiracist, anticarceral, abolitionist, collective liberation that is possible with our interconnected love and healing.

BIPOC | LGBTQ+ | Disabled | Undocumented | Justice Involved community members can access services and packaging for little to no cost

Fees will be determined after Coffee & Cake Chat and range from $ 5 -120 | hour

Institution | Philanthropic Death Sponsorship is also encouraged for those with available resourcing!

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